I’ll give you a penny for yours if you take a penny for mine.


1  ¢      I want to grab the world by it’s shoulders and shake it back and forth screaming, “Enough!”. Enough with the shooting, back stabbing, and plagiarizing. Enough with the negativity and close-mindedness. I feel like I’m living with a hell bent, misbehaving child stuck on repeat. It is all I can do to resist violently shaking some sense into it.

1  ¢     I love the way leaves show their bellies when a storm is coming. Thick, heavy branches sway with the skinny ones. The leaves flip over revealing their pale undersides. That’s how you know a good storm is coming. When the leaves show you their bellies.

1  ¢     We don’t sit still long enough. We don’t sit still long enough to hear the pudgy honey bee buzz zig zags around sweet yellow flowers. We don’t sit still long enough to let cold ice tea trickle down our throats. We don’t sit still long enough to feel the breeze play on our skin. Can we, please, learn to sit still long enough?

1 ¢     I rescued a tiny spider from my couch cushion this morning. As much as I don’t like insects with eight legs, living alone creates a sense of respect for other living creatures, even the multi-legged ones. Taking life becomes hard to do and saving it rewarding. I grabbed a glass from the cupboard and a sturdy Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, captured the little guy, and let him go.

1  ¢      Sometimes, taking care of yourself means showering twice in one day and whole bean vanilla coffee. Sometimes it means taking a nap though you’ve slept plenty. Sometimes it means letting depression exist instead of pretending it doesn’t. Even for just one day. Let it exist with the rest of you.

1  ¢     I held the door for a family entering the store. Two parents, one child, and two grand parents. The young boy looked up and me and exclaimed a bright eyed, “Hello!”. I couldn’t help but meet his greeting with a similar hello and an equally big smile. It’s contagious. Happiness. We can’t always catch it on our own. Mostly we catch it from others.

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