Allow me to introduce myself.

I am a college graduate in my mid twenties. I have an old soul, blonde hair, and a DIY spirit. I love my family and friends. I’m pretty sure giraffes are my spirit animal. I basically live off of apples and coffee (followed closely by dark chocolate). I’m an aspiring social worker, self-made artist, and Jesus follower.

Oh, and I live with Recurrent Major Depressive Disorder on the daily. Yippie.

I’m here to write about that mostly.

This world doesn’t need another voice spouting off shallow, surface level advice for the sake of feeling good. So, I won’t be that. Instead I’ll be bold and brave. I’ll write about depression and how much it actually sucks and how I do my best to live with it every freaking day. I’ll write honestly about my struggles, heartbreak, and victories. I promise I’ll strive to be authentic.

I’m only a little bit afraid to be this vulnerable but I think it’s worth it.



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