What/who are we faithful to? Ourselves? Our favorite TV show? Our significant other? The definition of faithfulness is to have an unwavering loyalty and adherence to a promise or person. It’s honorable and deserving of dignity. It holds value in relationships and respect in reputation. Faithfulness is a quality we all possess and abuse. Why are we faithful to all things fading instead of to the One remaining?


I started a new job a few weeks ago. Well, not really a new job but a new position at the same job. I’d like to consider it a promotion but others look at me like I lost my sense of direction and walked straight into a wall. This new position ebbs and flows more than most. There are good days and bad. There are days where you feel successful and days where it feels the most successful thing you did was get dressed. Either way, this position  requires a great deal of participation and even more faithfulness. I quickly realized that to become successful at this job, I would have to develop an unwavering adherence and commitment to the position. I would have to make all the phone calls, write all the e-mails, and have all the seemingly pointless conversations in order to harvest the fruit of success. It was this challenge of faithfulness in the workplace that caused me to question my faithfulness elsewhere.

I’m the type of person that get’s sucked into TV shows. I’m talking about binge watching episode after episode, night after night, because I can’t stand the suspense I’m left in while the credits scroll past my eyes. Get me hooked on a good show with four to five seasons and you can count on me being faithful to watch it to the end. Me and coffee? We are committed. Every morning. Rain or shine. I’m going to be steadfast in having consuming the dark roasted liquid heaven steaming from one of my too many coffee cups. You can count on it. I could go on and on in the ways that I am faithful in different areas of my life but it wasn’t until this new position that I was suddenly face to face with the reality of Gods faithfulness and the general misuse and lack of mine.

Taking this new job meant stepping out of a salaried position and into a commissioned one. Is God going to be faithful in providing for me each and every day? A new job, considerably opposite of my degree, will God be faithful to nurture and prosper the divine purpose of my life? Odds are in my favor because unlike my wavering dedication to the latest TV show, He is unceasingly faithful to me in every way for all time. Isn’t that crazy? How then can I be more faithful to a cup of caffeine then to simply spending time with my creator? The one who quite literally sustains me through the cereal in my cupboard and the overly ripe avocado in the fridge.

I’ll only take one moment to glance at what the ‘world’ is faithful to because a moment more is too much. Image, fitness, beauty, skinny legs, smooth skin, big arms and an even bigger reputation, fast cars, money, power. What are we running towards? Who and what are we committed to? Have we lost our vision so much as to allow ourselves to bow down to an image or thing that can do nothing and is nothing without the intervention and faithfulness of God? What is money to you if God is not faithful to put it in your bank account? What good is coffee to me if my faithful creator did not harvest it from the dirt? What good is a healthy body if the one who knit me together did not first count the hairs on my head and write my name in the book of life?

This new position has challenged me professionally, as expected. Unexpectedly, it has also challenged me spiritually. Now I want to challenge you. What are you faithful to and do you know the only One who remains faithful to you? What/who are you faithful to?

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