I have officially tried most of the dating websites and applications out there. Yes, I am ashamed to confirm, I tried Tinder as well. In a matter of days, I gave into personal conviction and deleted every single one (no pun intended). I could not secure a sense of peace while engaging with any of them and that ‘un-peaceful’ feeling is not one I handle well. I found myself in conversations that I know those looking up to me would not approve of or, worse, yet, maybe they would. What kind of example am I setting? I know-at least I want to know- that I am made for more than that kind of talk and behavior. If a love story is in the books for me it is not going to start with, “Once upon a time, she swiped right and so did he…”.

Before you banish me to the dark lands where all those ‘uncultured and close minded folk’ go, I know that there are incredible love stories out there that began with a three month subscription to www,Single&Ready2Mingle,com. I am friends with some of them! I am so happy for those people and praise God that technology has the capacity to bridge hundreds of miles or just two for a bigger purpose and plan. That is 100% kosher with me. I am only admitting that every time I’ve tried to write this idea into my story, I find myself balling up the piece of paper I wrote it on and aiming for the nearest waste basket.

I’ve tried multiple times now to consider that I might actually be missing an opportunity by not adding my name to the online specials menu. Yet, whenever I insert my exceptionally flattering head shot into the ‘discoverable’ section, I end up feeling empty and even more alone. Thus, I revert back to square one; settings, account, and delete.

Again I want to say, praise God if this is the love story God hand picked for you and your special someone. I’ve tried to make the same reality for myself only to feel like I’ve tried on a jean dress two sizes too small and now I’m uncomfortable, awkward, and struggling to escape with my dignity (true story).

So, call me old fashioned, but I’m officially giving up the quest for success when it comes to online dating. I’ll stick to utilizing the internet for paying bills and finding  chic ways to recycle coffee cans. If I’m really meant to meet ‘the one’ via the World Wide Web, I’m sure the good Lord will inspire one my hilarious friends to secretly create a profile for me and set me up on a ridiculous blind date to Chucky Cheese. Just do me a favor and pick a flattering photo.





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