Maybe I have been looking for the wrong thing in the darkness. Maybe the lights have been shut off to show me something entirely unlike anything else I’ve seen in the light. My frustration has grown as I have tried to shine a light in this darkness and the bulb burns out every time. It is simply because this darkness is divinely inspired and there is something here that can only be seen with blinded eyes. It is not really seen at all then is it? It is heard. It is felt.

When the darkness invades our life, we’ll do all we can to scare it away with light. We fight the darkness and in all our fumbling and noisiness we miss the point of this particular darkness…

We are not always meant to see. We are meant to listen, to feel, and to listen again.

We are to trust more than our wonderful eyes. We are to trust the call in the darkness; the voice that is saying the most beautiful of words which will only sink in when there is darkness and silence is allowed to dwell freely. It is here in the divine darkness that the words and truth we need to hear form the Lord will truly penetrate our soul in their purest form.

Without light, we have no way of analyzing. No way of misunderstanding. No way to labeling wrongly or turning away. In the darkness and total silence of light-absent the thing we were meant to see will be heard, felt, and then known. This truth can only be delivered in darkness-sealed away from the scrutiny of our eyes so that it may be known in its’ truest form.

My truth today, when I stop searching for the light switch and sit quietly is this:

“You were born to write.”

Something so simple, so pure, so me. In the darkness and despair we discover parts of ourselves that the light cannot bring knowledge of.

A light was born into darkness and there in a dark cave the soft breath of a new life beckons. A new hope is heard and the love of a Savior is felt.

“Unto us a child is born, Unto us a Savior is given…”

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