Why doesn’t God give us all the answers? I mean, really, wouldn’t it be a little easier if we knew the who, what, where, when and why?

What will my career be?

When will I get married?

Why am I sick?

Will I get married?!

Where am I going to live?

Why can’t I have children?

What is the purpose of anxiety?

Why did you create mosquitos?

Seriously, single forever?

Why is my depression so stubborn?

Why did they get promoted and not me?

Is every snow flake truly an individual or is there a double floating around out there somewhere?

Lighthearted or soul-searching, I could literally go on and on with the questions that press on our hearts but that would make for an extremely angsty blog. This morning I sat down with God in the throne room and seriously posed this question. “Why can’t we know all the answers? Why don’t you clue us in to the things that weigh so heavily on our minds?” In my finite understanding, I seem to think that this would bring a plethora of happiness and a great deal of peace. It’s like finding out the answers on a big test the night before. Wouldn’t it make the test that much better?

Before I continue, allow me to set the scene for you. Have you ever read Job? Read through it if you get the chance but today pay special attention to chapter 38:2-3. In these verses, God calls out from the storm to Job after his long winded questioning and advises him to brace himself like a man because He is about to be questioned two fold. I received a similar response this morning but thank goodness it was filled with gentle mercy and it’s just really cold out, not storming.

Anyways, thank the Lord that He is who He is because I think He actually enjoyed my question. In typical God fashion, He raised my question with another question. What if I did know all the answers right now? What if I knew the man I’m gonna marry, if I’m gonna get married, what job will I get, and how in the world I will pay off all my debt? What if I had all the answers right now? No more wondering. Then what? I’ll tell you what. Life then becomes one giant waiting room instead of a classroom. We’ll spend the rest of our days waiting for the answers to come to fruition instead of developing our character. We’ll spend all our energy ensuring that we don’t screw up getting to the place where God told us we will be. The mystery will evaporate and the adventure will subside. The pain might actually grow with the responsibility of what we know and I imagine I will stop enjoying the journey and will obsessively fixate on the destination.

Similar to Job, wide eyed and struck with revelation, I responded to God with a humbled, “You’re right. I’m wrong. You’re God. Not me.” While it might pain me to find peace in the tension of not knowing, there is an incredible opportunity extended to me to lean into the Lord and rely on His person and presence in this life of wondering. My relationship with the One who knows, grows. Isn’t that better than knowing the answers? Knowledge of the future is lifeless without the One who makes it a reality.

What are you asking yourself today? What questions are burning in your heart? What are you hollering at God as you shake your fists or crumble in a pile of tears? What would you give up anything to know at this very moment? Let me raise your question with another one; what if God answered you? What if you had your answer right now? Then what? Honestly consider what happens next. And brace yourself, because your answer might not be what you expect.

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