re·claim    rəˈklām/

past participle: reclaimed
  1. retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid); obtain the return of.
    Synonyms: get back, recoup, claim back, recover, regain, retrieve

    There is a process in pottery called “reclaiming”. Long story short, this basically means you take all the mistakes and scraps, whether they’re dry, hard, cracked, big, small, full of unidentifiable gunk, stepped on, ect. and throw them into a big bin with lots of water. Then, you wait. You wait a while. After a while, you start to work the pieces back together again; mixing, pushing, re:connecting. Since it’s been sitting in water, the clay has softened to a pliability that allows the artist to return it back to it’s original form. You can repeat this process countless times as long as the clay is not fired in a kiln. It’s a new start essentially. Sometimes, even dirt needs a second chance.

    After much thought, I’ve decided to re-name my blog after this process.


    Well, while “The Naked Truth” was intriguing, I’m afraid of what would come up if people googled it.

    Just kidding. Please don’t try. That’s only part of it.

    The name change and the re:launch is partly inspired by potentially inappropriate google results but mainly by the process that I am undergoing every single day. I am constantly making mistakes and God is constantly re:claiming me. Rather, I am constantly re:claiming what has already been claimed for me.









    Re:claiming what has been lost does not come without a fight. If clay could talk, the first thing I would ask would be, “What does it feel like to be re:claimed? Ya know, the process where your current molecular state is literally re-arranged by the transformative powers of water?” I’m going to use my imagination here and say it probably doesn’t feel good. That’s why dirt doesn’t have nerve endings folks. On the other hand, I don’t have to use my imagination to tell you that, in real life, it really does hurt. The redemptive powers of Jesus literally re:arranges the molecular structure of your soul.

    Jesus re:claimed His creation on the Cross and now, day in and day out, we are challenged to claim, or re:claim, that truth over and over again.

    It hurts.

    It’s a bloody battle.

    It’s a gorgeous display of courage.

    It’s re:claiming.

    Do you have it in you to re:claim what has already been claimed for you?

    You’re not alone. Far from it. We’re all in this together. But, at the end of the day it’s just you and Jesus and, my dear friend, He’s already claimed you. Will you claim Him?

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