Moments like these are exceptionally special and oh so rare. I am referring to a post wake moment. Yes. I am making this up as I go so I will explain.

I grew up on the water so for those of you unfamiliar with what a ‘wake’ is (besides the awful thing you have to do every morning) it is the turbulent flow of water following a moving object. Most of the time the moving object is a boat.

My definition will be:

Post Wake¹ 

/põst wãk/ Noun

  1. The state of heightened awareness, peace, and transformation following an event or time of unusual, unpredictable, and turbulent chaos.

Today is a post wake moment.

I am swirling around in a vast sea of moments that are clearly orchestrated by God. They are flashing in my minds eye like fireworks. Individual, fragile beads of 60 second moments strung together to create the beauty and peace of today.

The rough waters have calmed, even if it may be for just this moment, and I am leaning in to the intricate provision of a detail oriented God. It’s the little things that He has made room for. Things that, as the God of the universe, should be way off His enormous radar but they aren’t. They are right in front of Him. Just like they are right in front of me. It blows my mind how He knows what I need when I have no clue. He is a good, good, Father. I have to constantly ask His forgiveness for the millions of times I doubt that.

The key to truly experiencing the blessing of a post wake moment is to allow it to wash over you like eager ocean waves, to hold you in it’s embrace, and to witness it’s majesty.

I pray with all my heart that I can bask in this kairos moment. I know, in my sinfulness, I am singing praises to the One who created it. It is days like today that refresh me from weeks of heavy depression and perhaps, prepare me for many more to come. But, for now, I’ll let the waves embrace and heal me.



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