Forgive me my 2.5 followers for the huge gap in posting. I’m bad at consistency. I bet you’re probably (not) wondering how things are going so I’m going to update you.

I told someone a few months ago that starting a new job is like like a stranger handing you their stranger baby and walking away. You’re holding it at arms length. You both kinda look at each other and and then look away and then back again… Like. Do you cry? Do I cry?

I’ve been paying close attention to my ‘overwhelmed’ meter all week and I am happy to report that, at the end of week one fully employed, I am only at 85% overwhelmed and I do not feel like crying. Now. For those of you meeting me for the first time via this post, please note that this is NOT NORMAL. I am typically a basket case. My ‘overwhelmed’ meter tends to boil over before I step foot in the parking lot. But, thanks to an adjustment in meds (ahaha), I’ve managed to keep my meter intact and at normal levels. It has been a mega information dump but this is the first time I’ve ever been excited about it! I have a deeper purpose and that purpose is now laced throughout everything I do.

I attribute this generally positive experience to a multitude of things.

First, the Lord. I mean seriously. I would have let a giant whale eat me months ago but here I am and He has been crazy faithful to me.

Second, the people. I came from an entirely toxic work environment (in my opinion). The one I am in now is inclusive, supportive, beautiful, and funny. WIN.

Third, the job. My purpose is to help people. It’s what fuels me. I want to make so many waves in the world of Mental Health and deflate stigmas faster than they can inflate. This is an amazing first step in that direction and I am so excited and absolutely terrified.

A friend told me at the beginning of the week that she hoped I’d sense the Lord “hemming me in.” I’ve always loved that phrase but until this week I really didn’t know what it felt like. I can barely describe it. Which says a lot because I’m really good at doing that. Google is good at it too…

Google defines hemming as,”turning under and sewing the edge of a piece of cloth” followed by a second definition of “surrounding and restricting of space and/or movement.”

At first glance there is zero connection between the two definitions let alone what it feels like to be hemmed in as a human at a new job. But if you look closer, there is a wild connection.

This week felt like I was being surrounded by God. He restricted my movement so I would only encounter that which He knew I could handle. He sewed His fingerprints into the cloth of each day and turned the edges under so nothing could unravel them.

That is what it feels like to be hemmed in. Amazing.

I’m grateful that week one is done and it has been done well. I thankful for my new coworkers and the training process. I am proud to be part of such an incredible organization. But bust importantly, I am so pumped to sleep in tomorrow…

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